Annoucement : SmartGWT Enterprise Edition Release – Google Web Toolkit News –

Annoucement : SmartGWT Enterprise Edition Release – Google Web Toolkit News –

Moments ago Isomorphic, creators of SmartGWT, announced SmartGWT Enterprise Edition. SmartGWT Enterprise Edition (SmartGWT EE for short) is a commercially licensed version of SmartGWT that includes Java Server side functionality, additional tools, and a classic commercial license in lieu of the LGPL. For teams with existing Java functionality, SmartGWT EE provides greatly accelerated integration with SmartGWT’s visual components. In many cases it is possible to take existing Java methods in an application and bind a SmartGWT grid or form to those methods without writing any new code, without the need for redundant DTOs (data transfer objects), simply by specifying what method to call in a DataSource XML file. SmartGWT EE also provides wizards that generate DataSources which immediately provide full read-write binding to any Hibernate entity or SQL database table, including the ability to search, update, delete and add new records. You can easily add Java business logic that runs before or after the Hibernate or SQL binding, which can modify the request before it executes, modify the output, or take any other action

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Yahoo Pipes OPML FAIL (Google Reader)

Go to My Yahoo Pipes if you want to verify or play along: “BROKEN Fetch OPML -do aggregate …”

I went to add a simple feature on this site: a list of entries from blogs I like. Also known as a widget showing a magic RSS feed.

Enter Yahoo Pipes. Should be simple enough, except I discovered that almost every OPML parser in use is broken with regard to google reader. I have many many subscriptions, so I create a number of folders for organization. Because I use google reader as my “master” feed subscription list, I think it’s important to get these basic tools right.

I’m going to solve this step by step,  starting with a better  method for parsing the xml, to handle “nested” OPML a la google reader. Folders are empty parent items with a no URL or “type=rss”, just “text”, “title”, and children.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<opml version="1.0">
  <outline title="arts" text="arts">
   <outline text="Civic Center" title="Civic Center" type="rss" xmlUrl= ... 

So, to summarize: FetchData & Yahoo Pipes Help are deficient, and all the OPML aggregation examples I’ve tested are broken. They use FetchData to make an item list out of body.outline, so you get a list of “folders”, instead of the actual feeds.


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