Install and License GWT Designer

Before this step, you should Install MyEclipse 7 and Install GWT.

Instatiations makes GWT Designer. It is a GUI builder that allows visual tools to generate Java code. GWT Designer does not need to be installed or used after the UI design phase. The term they use is “bi-directional code generation” meaning GWT Designer can dynamically incorporate code it hasn’t seen before, and generate new code based on your use of GWT Designer. In practice, GWT Designer lags behind the latest release of GWT, and its support for libraries such as Gwt-Ext or Gxt also lags behind. Even so, the reasonable cost of the license is enough to justify its use as an educational tool at least.

Subscription License

Single user

One-year subscription

$ 59

Two-year subscription

$ 99

Three-year subscription


If you purchase more years at one time, you get a discounted price.

Perpetual License

Single user


$ 99

License with 1 year of upgrades & support *


* If you renew your Support each year, you are entitled to technical support and all maintenance releases and major upgrades to GWT Designer. After the first year, annual support renewal costs 35% of the MSRP (currently $35).



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