About siliconANGLE.com « SiliconAngle

About siliconANGLE.com « SiliconAngle.

By John Furrier, with contributors Mark Rizzn and others:

About siliconANGLE:

siliconANGLE, Inc., was established during the 2009 Great Depression to form a site offering a fresh optimistic perspective that can drive innovation and invention.

The mandate of Silicon Angle is to promote entrepreneurship, discovery, and invention to create sparks of innovation that spawns new venture creation.   The siliconANGLE group is dedicated to recognizing those ‘rock stars’ that have something interesting to say or contribute.  We place the highest value on people that promote and create innovation, jobs, wealth, peace, and better global citizenship as well as to work for the intellectual and social achievement of society…

Old School Philosophy – Power of Quality

Back in the early days of blogging I realized that there is a powerful impact of publishing quality voices, ideas, opinion, and analysis of people creating new products, companies, and markets.  What I’ve found is that the power of publishing about quality ideas and quality people not only creates a good user experience, but also creates relationships that can create positive change – one that causes people to connect and collaborate…

Positioning of siliconANGLE – Social Science Meets Computer Science

siliconANGLE is a place where computer science meets social science.  This blog will be a open place for quality people to post content about the changes going on around the world in context to social and technology change.  siliconANGLE is a place for people who want to blog without all the hassles of being a full time blogger.  It’s a collaborative hub of peers and colleagues.  Everyone is welcome to join, comment, and share links, but only individuals that have been vetted and approved can post…

Soft Machine waves to Mark and launches celebratory fireworks 🙂

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